Environmental Policy Statement

Bluhat Pty Ltd is a full service Management Consultancy.  Our team is committed to delivering projects and services in a safe, efficient and environmentally sound manner. This is part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility within our local communities, Australia and the planet.

Our objectives:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental law, and proactively seek to achieve higher standards than those stated in legislation
  • Constantly review internal and external environmental practices to ensure best practice initiatives are in place
  • Capture environmental considerations in our decision making processes, and protect the natural environment at every opportunity
  • Minimise waste through paperless office initiatives and other innovations in technology and corporate practices
We will achieve these objectives this through attempting to minimise our use of energy (and where possible we seek to use renewable energy) and by off-setting the energy that we do use though the planting of trees. We are a carbon-neutral company.  Emissions from our vehicles, office consumables, electricity and gas usage and our business flights are offset annually through Greenfleet.
We also take into account our suppliers' environmental policies when making our purchasing decisions and encourage our clients to do likewise.

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