About Bluhat

Your greatest asset is your people, as is ours. Our knowledgeable team of consultants provide expertise in various areas so you will always work with a consultant who understands your industry and goals.

The experienced team at BLUHAT can assist you with the following:

  • Attracting the right people through Recruitment.
  • Developing your employees through Human Resources.
  • Retaining a solid workforce through Human Resources and Management Consulting.

BLUHAT Managing Partner Julanne Martin and Partner Ian Edmunds have both worked with a large selection of established, well known Australian companies. This has provided them with solid experience which they share with clients.

With almost 30 year's collective experience in consulting and as employers themselves, Julanne and Ian have been dedicated to supporting clients in the attraction, retention and development of people. They understand what's important and help companies achieve this.

Julanne Martin

As BLUHAT Managing Partner, Julanne has a proven track record of success in assisting clients with improving their organisational performance through people.

With an extensive background that involves working locally, nationally and internationally on various projects, Julanne is an accomplished Management Consultant with an in-depth understanding of Human Resources and Recruitment. She has managed various projects including Organisational Restructuring initiatives, Leadership Development programs, Board Effectiveness programs and Strategic Planning activities.

Julanne also has extensive experience of managing national sourcing projects across the resource and construction sectors. Over the past 5 years, Julanne has also been involved in projects supporting the downturn in the economy, working on large scale redundancy and outplacement programmes.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to clients, working across diverse industries which include Energy, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Aviation and Pharmaceutical.

As well as undergraduate qualifications, Julanne holds an MBA from the University of Queensland.

Human Resources
Recruitment and Search
Management Consulting