Equal Opportunity statement

It is Bluhatís policy to treat job applicants and employees in the same way, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnic origin or disability.  Further, the organisation will monitor activities to ensure this policy is fully effective in all our dealings, both internal to our organisation, and in our interactions with client organisations.

Bluhat is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Equal opportunity is about good employment practices and efficient use of our most valuable asset, our employees.  All employees at Bluhat have personal responsibility for the implementation of our EEO policy.  The company does not and will not unlawfully discriminate in our business dealings on the basis of:

  • Gender
  • Physical Features
  • Age
  • Medical Record
  • Disability (Physical/Mental)
  • Pregnancy of Potential Pregnancy
  • National Extraction or Social Origin
  • Colour
  • Marital Status
  • Industrial Activity
  • Family Responsibilities or Parent/Carer Status
  • Religious Belief
  • Sexual Preference/Lawful Sexual Activity Impairment
  • Personal Association with people with certain
  • Political Opinion/Belief or activity attributes

This policy applies to all internal and external activities including the advertisement of jobs, recruitment and appointment, training, conditions of work, pay and to every other aspect of employment.  The policy also applies equally to the treatment of our clients and their employees. 
This policy also encompasses Affirmative Action legislation and principles, which aim to counter inequities between men and women in all aspects of employment.
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